EDIT: As we were rushing to the release minutes before the deadline, we forgot to turn damage on, so take this as a more of a teaser for what will come after the rating period is over. Also, in the HTML version, music doesn't seem to work, if you want to hear some tunes, a better choice would be to download the PC version instead. Thank you! 


                  Chaos inducing dual gameplay bullet hell






Nullity is a bullet hell where you defeat enemies using a pulse wave, generated by a random combination of arrow keys. As you overcome waves of enemies, the playing field gets smaller. Every wave gets harder than the last. Good luck!

                       "Cosmos and Chaos, day and night. Eons and eons, endless fight."

The team:

Jenceslav - programming

Hesik - art

Lioh - music, sfx


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Hi! I am playing and streaming top-50 overall games today/tomorrow (starting September 12th at 16:00 UTC and likely for 4-5 hours minimum): https://itch.io/jam/brackeys-6/topic/1640613/streaming-top-ranked-games-on-septe...

I'll play your game anyway, but it will be nice to have you on stream:) If you plan to join the stream, please let me know and I will wait for you to actually join before playing your game (let me know when you join in the stream chat). If you can't make it to this stream, but still would like to see your game being played live - let me know as well and I'll postpone your game till the next stream.

Keep in mind though that I am typically quite honest and if you join the stream be prepared to hear what I actually think about the game, which might quite disagree with the rankings.